I successfully completed a survey using Collect Earth for 140 points. Then I needed to do more points, so I created a new KML of 200 points and clicked "Load points from KML", and selected Yes when Google Earth prompts to reload points (have also tried pressing No), and the new points are loaded, but the surveys still contain the information from the previous submission, with green ticks next to the IDs.

Is there a way to clear the entries? Or do I need to export a new survey from Survey Designer every time?

Many Thanks for your help!

asked 18 Jan '18, 17:01

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Make sure to have new IDs for the plots in the new CSV!

The plot ID, the first column of the CSV, contains the unique ID of the plot, by which it is identified in the database.

If in the new CSV file you used the same IDs as in the original (probably a sequence 1,2,3... ) then Collect Earth will think that the plots already are filled.

To avoid this issue please make sure that in the new CSV the IDs are different, i.e. you might add a prefix or start the sequence from 1000 or another number, to make sure that they don't match the old ones

Let us know if that fixes the issue

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answered 19 Jan '18, 09:10

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Thank you collectearth for solving the problem! that took me ages to figure out!!

(19 Jan '18, 14:59) bpaffard bpaffard's gravatar image
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