Hi there,

The Saiku window is showing an empty drop-down menu, also after having Collect Earth recreate the Saiku database.


This is a screenshot of the window


Could you please assist in having Saiku working again?


asked 10 Feb '15, 15:58

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Dear Giulio,

In the Saiku window ( the black dialog that is title Tomcat is actually the container that is running the Saiku server) we can see in the message that there was an error on the way that Saiku built the query. The Measure called TreeCount is missing but there is a CalculatedeMeasure (TreesPerHectar) that is trying to use TreeCount it.

I am checking the Collect Earth Project (.cep) file that I sent you and I see in the file called collectEarthCubes.xml.fmt ( you can change the name of the cep file to zip and decompress it ) that the TreeCount measure has a different name. You should add change the

< Measure name="Tree_Count" column="trees_outside_forest" formatString="#,###" aggregator="sum" visible="true"> < /Measure>

so where it says Tree_Count change it to TreeCount so that the calculated measure can actually find the tree count measure.

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answered 10 Feb '15, 16:38

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