Hello, I from the foresty floristic inventory of Santa Catarina, and I started to use the Open Foris. But in the Sampling point data show up a current error when I import the CSV file, the message is "Required columns are: level1_code,x,y,srs_id ". My file is in the format, but I can import. I hope some help, thanks.

asked 08 Jun '15, 21:25

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Hi Matheus,

The same thing happened to me. Excel sometimes uses ";" and the software cannot read it. Try opening your CSV file using notepad and check if the separator is really ",".

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answered 09 Jun '15, 14:18

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Hi Matheus,

Please check that column names don't contain extra white spaces.

Also please check that the CSV file uses the comma symbol "," as value separator.

You can even try to use use an Excel file (.xls or .xlsx extension) to import the same information. Thanks.

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answered 08 Jun '15, 21:40

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Hi Matheus and OF Team,

I struggled again to import the sampling point data list in CSV format for some time. Then I just imported the same list as an Excel file (.xlsx extension) and it worked like a charm!

This just to add to the discussion and maybe it helps people struggling with importing CSV files here. I hope it helps.

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answered 22 Aug '18, 08:21

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