Dear all, I have received an alert informing about a new CE version. I have clicked on 'Update Now' but then when I open again the software I get an error.

Many thanks in advance for your support, Best regards,


asked 12 Jul '23, 10:40

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SOLUTION : As it seems that you have a "corrupted" version of the software, the way to fix it is to reinstall the whole of Collect Earth (rather than attempt to update it). You can download the installer from this site:

Do not worry, re-installing Collect Earth does not mess with the data already collected as the database is located in a different folder in your PC.

CAUSE OF THE BUG: The latest version of Collect Earth ( 1.20.6 built on the 6th of July 2023 ) contains a new version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE 11). In order for this new version to be updated correctly, the Collect Earth software cannot be running (as the files cannot be replaced if they are used by a process. Thus it is necessary to quit CE before you proceed with the update ! You probably did not quit CE or it was somehow still running on the background when you attempted to proceed with the update.

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answered 17 Jul '23, 13:30

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Hi Open Foris Team,

I've updated my Collect Earth Desktop to the latest version (v.1.20.6) on a MacOS (v.13.4.1), making sure that Collect Earth does not run in the background. However, Collect Earth does not load when I open it. I did a fresh reinstall of the latest version, but first I deleted the entire Collect Earth folder, but the problem still persists (Collect Earth does not successfully open/load). What could be the problem? Please can you help to resolve the problem? Many thanks in advance.

Best, Don

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answered 26 Aug '23, 03:54

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@dondealban can you amke sure that the MacOS X security system is not clocking Collect Earth? you can try to start the program by opening the finder and going into your user folder and then into Openforis/CollectEarth . There there is a CollectEarth-launcher file that you can try to open by right clicking on it and then click on open!

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answered 11 Sep '23, 11:52

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