Dear Open Foris team, I have in my surveys key identifiers that I create using some 'default value' expression. And I would like to set these as read only, so that they are never changed after being created. Now, while collecting the data in the field, I need to be able to copy that key identifier string, so that I can paste it somewhere else. But in both Arena Mobile and Collect Mobile (so far I am still sticking to Collect Mobile to get the data in my Arena surveys), 'read only' attributes are not selectable, i.e. I cannot long-tap or double tap the text to select and copy it. Currently, my solution is to not set the attribute as 'read only' and write in tips "DO NOT MODIFY', but I guess this is not ideal. This is certainly not something urgent, but I think it would help to make these read only attributes selectable. Thanks a gain for your help, Bruno

asked 02 Aug '23, 09:12

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Dear Bruno,
Many thanks for providing your feedback on our tools.
We can make the read only attributes text "selectable" and not editable, even if the field would appear as a regular one... Would you prefer to have a small "copy" button close to the read-only field itselft? It would make your task easier.
Please let us know, many thanks,
Open Foris Team

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answered 09 Aug '23, 12:17

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Dear Open Foris team, Super! That sounds good. I do not think that a 'copy' botton is necessarily needed. Users might need to copy-paste text in read-only attributes as well as in other text attributes, and it is simple to use the default android text selection option (long tap). Thanks a lot! Bruno

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answered 09 Aug '23, 12:48

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