1/ I have recently experienced a couple of bugging situation with oft-calc, which were solved by changing the name of the input file. I am wondering what can cause that.

2/ Now I get the error message below and don't know what to do about it. Could anyone advise ?

Trying to read 1 lines at time  Error in `oft-calc': free(): invalid next size (fast): 0x0868a448  Aborted

Some features of input image :

  • size is 13218, 7768
  • pixels resolution is 30 meters (0.0002725 degrees)
  • projection is WGS84

Thanks for help

asked 11 Nov '14, 16:50

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Many thanks for reporting!

1/ Are you sure you're using the latest version (2.2)? This bug was present in a previous version but should have been fixed now. It was caused by erroneous allocation for space for equation output file name (outfilename.eq). 2/ This is strange. Could you copy and paste the dialog here?


permanent link

answered 11 Nov '14, 18:22

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