Dear all, when using OF Collect in multi-user environment, particularly (external) server, it would be handy to have a user account option "guest" or "view" for data viewing (sharing) only! After trying such user account by not clicking any of the roles (data entry, cleansing, analysis, administrator) first the message "Access denied" appeared but trying to login again with the standard "admin" account, the guest/view account activated as yet, exactly as I wanted: only "data management' could be accessed and data only viewed (not edited). However it does not work yet as it should do: 1) only after several login loops; maybe an option data view could be created, and 2) and when in data management window there is no "back to list" or "home" button; thus a useful issue for improvement. Suggestion: various viewing control options could be managed in this way?! Is this doable, other ideas, thanks, Joseph

asked 03 Sep '16, 15:09

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Hi Joseph,
We can ddd a data view role for your needs and we will investigate on the issue related to the login.
Open Foris Team

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answered 07 Sep '16, 04:39

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OF Collect ♦♦
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After successful saiku (beta)improvements, I think both 'Data management' and particularly 'Saiku' should be the sub-module for data "viewing only" user account.

(15 Sep '16, 11:16) joseph joseph's gravatar image

Hi OF Collect team,could you have another look in above question and see what is possible: a view_role for 'data management' and 'saiku(beta in Collect, this would be very practical for making the data available to a wider audience without giving permission to 'edit'.

(25 Oct '16, 18:58) joseph joseph's gravatar image

It will be done and it will be available in version 3.12 of Collect. Thanks.

(25 Oct '16, 20:47) OF Collect ♦♦ OF%20Collect's gravatar image

Thanks a lot for Update 3.11.5 with User Role "View" only: The welcome/home page shows now onl "Data management" for viewing and Saiku (Beta) for analysis: this is a great extension for data sharing!

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answered 28 Oct '16, 18:22

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