Hi open-foris team!

When I define some item as "Enumerate" in form designer


The respective Node is marked as "Enumerator"


In preview, it is correctly displayed as read-only (immutable)


But in mobile app, this node is editable, what cause confusion



Thank you for considering fixing this.

Best regards, Jiri.

asked 04 Apr, 10:50

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edited 04 Apr, 10:54

I recently discovered "Arena Mobile Experiments" in Store

the problem is not there


(04 Apr, 11:08) jurafejfar jurafejfar's gravatar image

Dear Jiri,
The issue has been solved with the latest version of Arena Mobile, (150).
Please update it to the latest version and let us know if you have any other issues.
Many thanks,
Open Foris Team

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answered 08 Apr, 13:55

Stefano%20%28OF%29's gravatar image

Stefano (OF) ♦♦
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Thank you! I still can not see that version in iOS App Store, but I will test it when update will come.

(08 Apr, 14:30) jurafejfar jurafejfar's gravatar image

Thanks for the questions,

We are uploading version 1.42, should be during the weekend,

could you check if the issue is solved there

best. OpenForis team

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answered 12 Apr, 15:50

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Ramiro (OF)
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Thanks. I was forced to switch to temporary phone with Android. But I can confirm, I have (162) version now.

I will check "enumerate" functionality soon.


(15 Apr, 08:51) jurafejfar jurafejfar's gravatar image

Dear open-foris team,

the latest version is probably still unavailable in iOS App Store. Is it possible, that it does not recognize .150 part of version? It seems, there are only 3 levels of version up to now:


Best, J.

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answered 12 Apr, 09:40

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edited 15 Apr, 16:39

Dear open-foris team.

The problem is fixed in new version. But the new problem appeared:

when a form / table contains multiple "code" nodes all of them are not editable (read-only) on mobile app. Correctly, only the first one (enumerate, key) should be not editable.

The first "enumerator" column (non-editable -- OK)


the second integer (editable -- OK)


the third column, again some code (should be editable)


is editable in preview


but not in app


Thanks! J.

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answered 15 Apr, 16:39

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