Dear open-foris team,

I am not sure if I understand correctly the manual.


I have a feeling from that, when I select checkbox "Hidden in Arena Mobile" at Entity level (form / table). It should hide THE WHOLE Entity (form / table) in Arena Mobile? If this is correct behavior, then it is not working. (I am NOT talking about this checkbox on attribute level, there is everything fine.)

In Arena web I have


this creates respective settings in JSON


but the change is not reflected in the mobile app


Thank you for help!


asked 09 Apr, 10:15

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This problem also exists in Arena Mobile Experiments


(09 Apr, 10:41) jurafejfar jurafejfar's gravatar image

Dear Jiri, many thanks for evaluating Arena Mobile Experiments too, but you should not report problems about that in the Open Foris Support forum, since that app is meant only to be used for testing new features that could be included in the official app. In any case, I would fix the problem there too ;)

(09 Apr, 10:46) Stefano (OF) ♦♦ Stefano%20%28OF%29's gravatar image

Hi Jiri,
Many thanks for reporting this issue.
We will solve it asap and let you know when you can download a new version of the app with the fix.
Many thanks,
Open Foris Team

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answered 09 Apr, 10:44

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Stefano (OF) ♦♦
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Thanks for the questions,

We are uploading version 1.42, which should be available during the weekend,

could you check if the issue is solved there

best. Open Foris Team

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answered 12 Apr, 15:51

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Ramiro (OF)
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